Crab Topics

The most economical way to build a collection is without doubt buying specimens. Remarkably, the commercial value of a shell generally falls just below the cost of finding such a specimen yourself. Days out to the seashore will easily cost many dozens, if not hundreds of euro/dollars in transport cost, meals and hotels. For that price, you will get already a small collection delivered collection-ready to your door.

Many deep-water crustaceans can only be collected by professionals or through contacts with fisherman. These are often occasional or rarely available items and dealers are specialized in obtaining these for your collection. So, the buying collector has a huge advantage here in order to form a major collection.

The markets in natural history are at present - 2013 - extremely low in prices. It's a glorious moment to buy. A day on the sea with the expense of boat, diving gear, gasoline and crew, runs in the hundreds of dollars. The catch from the same day usually sells for much below that.